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  • Canopy Flag Holder

    Add extra oomph to any size 10 ft. Commercial Canopy by attaching a flag! To attach a flag*, first add this 10 ft. Commercial Canopy Flag Connector. Place this Flag Connector at the desired height onto the leg of the … Read More
  • Canopy Flag Poles

    This is the hardware for the Small Feather Banner Poles. The poles consist of materials such as aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber. The spike base is equipped with a swivel head so your flag can sway sweetly in the wind. … Read More
  • Canopy Plastic Water Base For All 4 Legs

    Hold down Canopy Tents with the CanopyPlastic Water Base. Use 1 per leg. Cacopy Plastic Water Base for all 4 legs (sold as one set). Water capacity 10L per base Product Code: PLASTIV-WATER-BASE
  • Canopy Rail Bar For Backwall or Sidewall

    When adding a custom back wall and/or half-side wall(s), this Rail is a must-have for the 10ft Canopy. To Position, first clamp snap rings around the legs of the frame. Slide Rail through the pole pocket expertly sewn on the … Read More
  • Canopy Rope & Stakes

    Hold down the 10 ft. Canopy using this bundle of 4 Ropes and 4 Metal Stakes. Drive the stakes into semi-soft ground 8 inches or so away from each leg of the 10 ft. canopy, with the hook end of … Read More
  • Sand Bag Cover for 10 ft. Canopy Tent

    This black nylon sand bag cover is used to protect your sand bag as well as to easily attach your sand bag to one leg of the 10 ft. Canopy for added weight against wind. Included is the cover and … Read More