Low Tack Adhesive Vinyl Sticker


Why Low Tack Adhesive Vinyl?

Custom Low Tack Stickers feature a special type of adhesive that can be applied to any smooth or clean surface, removed, and repositioned without any glue residue left behind. These Low Tack Vinyl Stickers are made from a waterproof, durable, scratch resistant material and are suitable for numerous non-permanent indoor and outdoor applications.

Low tack doesn’t mean low quality

Low Tack Vinyl Sticker is can be mistaken as being made of “low quality” materials, which is why it is able to be applied and removed with ease. The reason for this is actually the exact opposite. Our Low Tack Vinyl Sticker is designed in such a way that multiple applications and removals are considered part of the lifespan of the decal. Anything done with normal-tack vinyl can be done with low tack, removable vinyl.


  •  Maximum Size: 50″ w x 159′ h
  •  High resolution printed
  •  Print on one side only
  •  UV safe that will last for years

Material Options:

  • 4 mil. Gloss Low Tack Adhesive

Turnaround Time:

  • 1 to 25  Same or Next Day
  • 26 to 50  2 Work Days
  • 51 to 100  3 Work Days
  • 101 to 200  4 Work Days
  • 201 to 500  5 Work Days
  • 501 to up  7 Work Days

Print Your Low Tack Adhesive Vinyl Online

Adhesive Vinyl printing has never been easier! Our online Adhesive Vinyl printing service makes it a snap to upload your design and create your very own custom printed Adhesive Vinyl. You simply upload your design select your options and that’s it! When it comes to online Adhesive Vinyl printing Irvine Printing has got you covered!

Low Tack Adhesive Vinyl Design Services

In addition to our custom Adhesive Vinyl printing services, Irvine Printing is proud to offer custom Adhesive Vinyl design services. If you need help designing your Adhesive Vinyl our graphic designers can help you bring your idea to life. Our graphic designers work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom Adhesive Vinyl comes out perfect! For more information on our custom Adhesive Vinyl design services, contact us.