SEG Fuji-1 Backlit Stand

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Why SEG Fuji Backlit Stand?

Introducing the SEG Fuji Backlit Stand! A combination of innovative silicone-edge graphics and with LED backlit display. This SEG Fuji Backlit Stand can expose more of your message using double-sided graphics.


New SEG Fuji Backlit Display is the illuminated stand you’ve been waiting for. A completely toolless setup, LED edge lights are pre-installed on the spine of the profile, making it perfect as a double- sided stand. The lightweight aluminum frame has a smooth outside finish, with two feet for stabilization. Custom SEG UV print Backlit fabric graphics are easy to install by pushing silicone edges into frame’s recessed grooves.


  • (1) Box Case
  • (1) Bottom Frame Piece
  • (4) Side Frame Pieces
  • (1) Top Frame Piece
  • (2) LED Wire Connector
  • (1) Transformer Power Cord
  • (1) Support Pole
  • (2) Custom Printed Graphics (Double-Sided)


  • Display Size: 33.25″ W x 79″ H x 2.25″ D
  • Template Size: 34.125″W x 79.25″H
  • Material: UV Fabric
  • Shipping Dimensions: 45″L x 4″W x 17″H
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs